Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sign the petition to include gay characters in nuTrek

Social Equality Effort (SEE) has a petition to "request that the director, producers and writers of the new Star Trek films include a romantic relationship between main characters of the same sex in the execution of Star Trek sequels ... as was intended for the original Star Trek productions." I signed with the below comment:

It was clearly Gene Roddenberry's intention to challenge social prejudices. The original series would have been cancelled but for a fan petition, and it went on to become a franchise that has made you good money for over 40 years. Star Trek has examined race, gender equality, politics, religion. Sexual orientation is conspicuous in its absence and it's hurting the brand. Trust the fans again on this, and your franchise will be profitable for another 40 years.

My other comment would have been that if a tv production team from over 40 years ago was creative and clever enough to hide a close relationship between Spock and Kirk out in the open, then surely a badass modern film creative team can push the envelope the same way and remain acceptable to the majority of their audience.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Epic. Just. Epic.

You: Well in that case carry on Mr. Spock
Stranger: You do not mind my green... sexual organ?
You: Nope
Stranger: Well, in that case.
Stranger: *do do do do do*
You: *fade to black*
Stranger: ...Honestly...I .. I don't even know what just happened.
Stranger: But thank you for being such a good sport. XD
You: No problem bb
Stranger: Does this make us gods?
Stranger: Sweet effing deal.
Stranger: LL&P BB.
You: I have been and shall always be your GQMF
You have disconnected.
ONTD_Startrek Omegle party posts FTW

I'm doing homework and playing with dolls and reading ONTC_Startrek yeah I feel 14

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Oh man I just glanced at a pic of young TOS Spock above my monitor, and then my Spock Prime 12in doll, and a wave of grief washed over me for all he had lost.
Partners are privileged to spend their lives together, whether their time is long or short. And then usually one has to go on without the other, incomplete. And here is Spock Prime. living out the remainder of his life with the cherished memory of his love. (The score for Kirk's Death by Dennis McCarthy is quite moving: I never knew because Generations doesn't exist for me.)
Suddenly Spock is thrown back in time, only everything is slightly off, and his Jim is not really his Jim. His Jim, and his youth, are gone forever. *sob* I had to hug the doll :(

Female desire

I might even say observers try to intellectualise it so they don't have to deal with female desire.

I still haven't figured out "the" answer for why women like slash. Maybe that's because the question itself needs to be examined, as this commenter on that Newsweek article does so aptly. How often are men asked to explain why they find f/f hot? And when they say "just because" it's not accepted like that can't be it, there must be more to it.

This comment got me to thinking about how dangerous female desire is to the dominant paradigm. It really truly has a different shape and is alien to the male-dominated society that is threatened by it.
(I need to add here that this is not an endorsement of turning everything on its head and taking power away from men. I am firmly convinced that a female-dominated or even equal society would be different, but would not offer more advantages in general. I've known enough violent and abusive women in my life not to believe all that "the women are more peaceful" shit. Ahem. Pardon. Upshot: we're all just people.)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

What's awesome about the new fanfic

One of the phenomena attached to the Star Trek reboot that I've been most curious about is how non-Trekkies approach it and see it. This ranges from delight at watching a brand new fan watch TOS season by season and hearing them express all those lovely nuances of character we've known forever. New eyes are seeing the exact same things we saw! We did not talk ourselves gradually into a mass hallucination. A new fan can describe the characters and their relationships in the same way we have.
The fanfiction created by writers coming from other fandoms has been a joy to discover as well. I am not really into other fandoms. I just don't have time to get involved in watching tv and actually following story arcs and whatnot. Someday when I'm in the nursing home I'll get some old Battlestar Galactica and Lost DVDs or whatever. So I had no idea what a vast pool of talent is out there, and I'm humbly grateful that they have found Star Trek interesting enough to write in it. This new generation of writers may or may not know that their whole genre began with Kirk and Spock and that there is a whole tradition built up by their foremothers. But I do know that this time around writers are not spending elebenty years circling around the concept of m/m and gayness and are K and S only gay for each other and what special circumstances would have to come together before they would own up to their feelings for each other. That process is forgotten and unnecessary,and how awesome is that.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Scotty's Grapefruit Example

Of course!!! I am so DENSE! It kept bothering me why Scotty took a grapefruit for an example. It just hit me.
So wow... have the STXI creators been reading ASCEM or Farfalla's site? Fascinating.